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Recently completed work: Gumdale

Recently completed work: Gumdale.



An Ongoing Pursuit of Excellence 

“Striving for perfection in every design.”

For over 9 years Scott Harris and Jordan Robinson have acquired vast experience in all aspects of building and construction. In that time they have worked for some of the most well know and reputable builders in Brisbane. In 2011, Scott and Jordan recognised an opportunity to launch Brisbane Prestige Homes. Thier expertise at the preliminary phase of design and planning, followed by their meticulous oversight during construction is evident on the completion of each project.

At Brisbane Prestige Homes we pride ourselves on striving for perfection in every Design, Building and Landscaping project that we commence. We know that the secret behind the success at Brisbane Prestige Homes will be working closely with our clients listening to their every request. Our integrity, loyalty and ongoing pursuit of excellence toward each client are good reasons to choose Brisbane Prestige Homes for your project.