Design Process

Home Design

Design and documentation is critical to the successful delivery of any project, of any budget or scope. At Brisbane Prestige Homes we value personal time with a client at the start of a project to ensure the highest standards of quality and service are not only realised, but also delivered. In line with this, our first step in any project is creating a formal design brief and concept sketches which is then closely followed by preliminary design and contract documentation. We appreciate that some clients may want to use their preferred Architect or Building Designer. We are always flexible and willing to work as part of a client’s preferred project team and contribute to the overall design and documentation needs and the ultimate successful delivery of a project.

Formal Design Brief & Concept Sketches

A formal design brief is imperative for fully understanding a client’s desires, ideas, site constraints and, importantly, their budget. At this stage of the design process, our design and construction team will meet with a client to formalise their personalised design brief. During these discussions, our team will often provide hand-drawn concept sketches to communicate ideas and promote constructive solutions. Our formal design brief thoroughly examines and records a client’s needs across all aspects of design and construction, which enables all parties to move confidently to the next phase.


Preliminary Design

During the preliminary design phase, our design team will prepare concept drawings using the latest in 3D Building Information Modelling software. This allows all parties to fully appreciate and understand the project design, quality of finishes and scope of works. It also tests the design against any existing buildings, structures or other associated design elements on site. The digital creation of 3D design and construction phases helps clients to visualise how their dream swimming pool will become a reality.


Contract Documentation

Upon completion of the preliminary design phase, design and documentation drawings are prepared ready for building approval and construction. The preparation of formal contract documentation provides our clients with confidence throughout the construction process. At Brisbane Prestige Homes, we strongly believe our clients’ needs and desired outcomes are best guaranteed through accurate drawings and specifications, which also ensures the delivery of the highest quality of products and service.